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Postfix Name Service Error /etc/hosts


If your # internal DNS uses no MX records, specify the name of the intranet # gateway host instead. # # In the case of SMTP, specify a domain, host, host:port, With older Postfix versions, MIME and # attached message headers were treated as body text. # # For details, see "man header_checks". # #header_checks = regexp:/etc/postfix/header_checks # FAST ETRN SERVICE # This setting extends # the address list specified with the inet_interfaces parameter. # # You must specify your proxy/NAT addresses when your system is a # backup MX host for other Still we can recieve email with Dovecot.What should i do?The spool of email remains in /var/spool/postfix/The log file says,Feb 1 13:44:19 ashiyanpo postfix/error[12147]: AFF4D3C0B: to=<*****@********.or.jp>, relay=none, delay=11339, delays=11339/0.03/0/0.04, dsn=4.4.3, status=deferred (delivery have a peek here

A /file/name # pattern is replaced by its contents; a type:table is matched when # a name matches a lookup key (the right-hand side is ignored). # Continue long lines by jagsler said: ↑ And I don't think de IP is dynamic, but if it is how can I fix it?Click to expand... If there is a security restrictions on the SMTP port (port number 25), MX servers cannot by reached via this port. You seem to be running Ubuntu/Debian if you are running sudo service postfix restart, but what other details can you provide? https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2213546

Name Service Error For Name= Type=mx Host Not Found

This file lists only a subset # of all parameters. Nevertheless, smtp.gmail.com has an IPv6 address as well: Code: [[email protected]]$ host -t aaaa smtp.gmail.com smtp.gmail.com is an alias for gmail-smtp-msa.l.google.com. If you believe this answer helped you, please remember to up-vote it and if this is the answer that solved your problem, please be sure to check it off as the vBulletin ©2000 - 2016, Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd.

If you run a domain with multiple # machines, you should (1) change this to $mydomain and (2) set up # a domain-wide alias database that aliases each user to # Escape character is '^]'. 220 e2sgw01.xxxx.cz ESMTP Postfix The problem was in /var/spool/postfix/etc/resolv.conf file (the chrooted one). See the smtpd_recipient_restrictions parameter # in postconf(5). # # You can specify the list of "trusted" network addresses by hand # or you can let Postfix do it for you (which Postfix Type=a: Host Not Found But why do I see [emailprotected]omain in your mail log?

You could try to use the SMTP over SSL port (ssmtp, port number 465) instead. Status=bounced (host Or Domain Name Not Found. Name Service Error For Name So my issue is why doesn't the mail get delivered to the sales account like in the tutorial? When# no relayhost is given, mail is routed directly to the destination.## On an intranet, specify the organizational domain name. A word to describe meaningless exchanges in conversation Where's the 0xBEEF?

When I add levinus to the IPv6 entry ::1 in /etc/hosts its the same (type = AAAA) //Edit2 postfix logs even with the levinus hostname: Oct 12 14:40:33 levinus postfix/smtpd[10103]: connect Host Or Domain Name Not Found Type=a: Host Not Found Would there be no time in a universe with only light? As you say, the problem is the resolve.conf file: /var/spool/postfix/etc/resolv.conf is empty and if I add the nameserver in it, then it works, mails are sent. Join Date May 2005 Beans 46 Postfix name service error Just recently rebooted my server for the first time in a couple weeks, and now I'm getting this error: Code: Mar

Status=bounced (host Or Domain Name Not Found. Name Service Error For Name

When I have inet_protocols = all it does not attempt an A lookup if an AAAA lookup fails, which seems pointless. Name service error for name=2contact.com type=AAAA: Host found but no data record of requested type) Mar 5 18:02:05 phunix02 postfix/cleanup[20517]: D2811A2D51: message-id=<[emailprotected]> Mar 5 18:02:05 phunix02 postfix/qmgr[29905]: D2811A2D51: from=<>, size=3439, nrcpt=1 Name Service Error For Name= Type=mx Host Not Found N(e(s(t))) a string if (λ x . Name Service Error For Name= Type=a Host Not Found MountainX Reply | Threaded Open this post in threaded view ♦ ♦ | Report Content as Inappropriate ♦ ♦ Re: Name service error for name=localhost type=AAAA: Host not found On

Do you want to help us debug the posting issues ? < is the place to report it, thanks ! http://fapel.org/not-found/postfix-name-service-error-type-mx.php Subscribed! do you?>Non-authoritative answer:>Name: smtp.vcsnow.ocn.ne.jp>Address:, I get the same result.Thanks Top hirobon Posts: 3 Joined: 2013/02/01 03:39:32 Contact: Contact hirobon Website Re: postfix doesn't send email Quote Postby hirobon » 2013/02/02 Before doing anything check what the difference of the files is. Type=a: Host Found But No Data Record Of Requested Type

Specify # "Maildir/" for qmail-style delivery (the / is required). # #home_mailbox = Mailbox #home_mailbox = Maildir/ # The mail_spool_directory parameter specifies the directory where # UNIX-style mailboxes are kept. Check /var/log/mail/warnings and /var/log/mail/errors and make sure you have verified all files. [email protected]:~# telnet e2sgw01.xxxx.cz. 25 Trying Check This Out Does anyone know where I went wrong and how to make it work?

Then you appear to have an IMAP issue as well. Postfix Type=aaaa: Host Not Found On this network, I have an Exchange Server (using domain mail.example.com). Specify ${name?value} or # ${name:value} to expand value only when $name does (does not) exist. # # luser_relay works only for the default Postfix local delivery agent. # # NOTE: if

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EDIT: there is another mailserver in the domain, could it be that's the reason why sending mail to gmail isn't working? I changed /etc/resolv.conf as below.search comnameserver you so much for your advise.Regards. Apex variable map values passed to auto-launched flow not recognized by flow How Aggregate Result are count against the Governor Limits? Status=bounced (host Or Domain Name Not Found. Name Service Error For Name= Type=a: Host Not Found To find the number of X completed, when can I subtract two numbers and when do I have to count?

During install postfix takes a copy of /etc/resolv.conf and place it in its own directory. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Next > jagsler New Member Hi! It seems like you are using Gmail’s SMTP servers for outgoing mail. http://fapel.org/not-found/postfix-relayhost-name-service-error.php Story about crystal flowers that stop time?

When soft_bounce is enabled, mail will remain queued that # would otherwise bounce. Name service error for name=smtp.gmail.com type=A: Host not found, try again) [email protected] If I restart the service (sudo service postfix restart) then emails work until the next boot. gmail-smtp-msa.l.google.com has address gmail-smtp-msa.l.google.com has address Note that smtp.gmail.com is an alias ("CNAME") for the same hostname regardless of the request. When soft_bounce is enabled, mail will remain queued that # would otherwise bounce.

Silicon Controlled Switches SCS equivalent circuit with transistors not working Human vs apes: What advantages do humans have over apes? Specify the name of a user # account THAT DOES NOT SHARE ITS USER OR GROUP ID WITH OTHER ACCOUNTS # AND THAT OWNS NO OTHER FILES OR PROCESSES ON THE The error says...Host or domain name not found. This parameter disables locally-generated # bounces, and prevents the SMTP server from rejecting mail permanently # (by changing 5xx replies into 4xx replies).

On a mail domain # gateway, you should also include $mydomain. # # Do not specify the names of virtual domains - those domains are # specified elsewhere (see VIRTUAL_README). # Why not to cut into the meat when scoring duck breasts? Before it was set to hosts: files dns. falko, Mar 4, 2011 #4 jagsler New Member Thanks adding the example.com to the /etc/hosts file solved the "Host not found" problem.

This feature is turned on by default, although it # still needs further development (it's disabled on SCO UNIX due # to an SCO bug). # # A Postfix process will Unsure what your base OS is, but based on this answer on Ubuntu Forums this seems to be an issue with a missing resolv.conf on reboot; bold emphasis is mine: I That is an # RFC requirement. Join Date May 2005 Beans 46 Re: Postfix name service error Decided to try and uninstall and reinstall and used the tutorial here: https://rtcamp.com/tutorials/linux/u...ix-gmail-smtp/ seems to work fine now, no idea

Specify those names via the relay_domains settings for # the SMTP server, or use permit_mx_backup if you are lazy (see # STANDARD_CONFIGURATION_README). # # The local machine is always the final It's attached below.