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Project Server 2007 Error 26000

ExchangeSyncRootFolderCreationFailed = 40501 Failed to create the root folder in Microsoft Exchange synchronization. CBSOlapProcessingFailure = 17004 The OLAP cube processing failed. GeneralWSSContentDBNotWritable = 26030 Cannot write to the SharePoint content database. CustomFieldIDAlreadyExists = 11518 The custom field identification number already exists. More about the author

CalendarCannotModifyExceptionsForCalendarBeingDeleted = 13013 The calendar exceptions cannot be modified when a calendar is being deleted. AnalysisMismatchedJobList = 29690 The analysis job list is mismatched. OptimizerCannotCreateSolutionWhileAnalysisUpdateIsPending = 29728 Cannot create an Optimizer solution while an analysis update is pending. ProjectExceededItemsLimit = 1054 Exceeded the limit of items to process.

If you want to query for an entry that has already rolled over, you must supply a date range. PlannerInvalidHiringType = 28109 The HIRING_TYPE is not valid. AdminInvalidTimePeriodState = 28023 The timeperiod state is not valid. Reverting that change immediately corrected the isssue!

OptimizerCannotCreateDependency = 29008 The dependency cannot be created. For this article we are going to focus on a few items from the error message and the PWA Queue page: ComputerName: 47ae0b71-e9a3-4752-b6fa-0bdfb3c2d61d CorrelationUID: 8a42923a-ead9-46b9-bb9e-312c8775d5af' Time stamp: 8/7/2014 9:13 PM We CBSAttemptToOverwrite = 17013 Cannot overwrite data in the cube. CalendarExceptionConflict = 13014 There is a conflict in the calendar exceptions.

Stay tuned for post on recommended strategy for Disaster Recovery. Do not use a null or empty string. Was the Oceanic flight 815 pilot the only one attacked by the monster? http://microsoftepmsolution.blogspot.com/2009/08/project-publish-error-26000-database.html QueueAnalysisCannotDeleteAnalysis = 29680 The QueueDeleteAnalyses method cannot delete the analysis.

SRAInvalidVersion = 27300 SRA invalid version. OptimizerCannotAddPrioritizationToCFAnalysis = 29709 The Optimizer cannot add a prioritization to a custom field for the analysis. PlannerTableIsReadOnly = 28907 The DataTable is read-only. AssignmentDelayInvalid = 134 The assignment delay is not valid.

  • Does parbox has any conflict with the loop in algorithm?
  • This was not a good sign. (click picture to enlarge) I then ran the database integrity check on the Published database and this pointed to database corruption!
  • Where's the 0xBEEF?
  • CustomFieldInvalidLookupTableUID = 11511 The lookup table GUID is not valid.
  • To get more information about the job failure, please go to Project Web Access.
  • AdminTooManyProjectProfessionalVersions = 28033 Too many Project Professional versions are specified.
  • Thanks Tuesday, May 08, 2012 11:57 AM Reply | Quote 1 Sign in to vote I am never in favor of increasing a timeout if it is just covering up a
  • Saving an Lookup Table with a large series of values results in ”The Security Validation for this page has timed out"error Issues March 3, 2013 Leave a comment Scenario: Attempting to save
  • OptimizerInvalidInputData = 29723 The input data for the Optimizer is not valid.

PlannerInvalidAllocationThreshold = 28105 The allocation threshold is not valid. https://badalratra.wordpress.com/category/project-server-2010/issues/ Open the Central Administrator page on Application server. 2. OptimizerCannotEditDriver = 29404 The project driver cannot be edited. GeneralCategoryPermissionDenied = 20022 The category permission is denied.

OptimizerDepCircularDependency = 29006 There is a circular dependency. http://fapel.org/project-server/project-server-error-id-26000.php ProjectCannotAdd = 1040 Cannot use the AddToProject method on the server-side project. PlannerInvalidProjectEndDate = 28201 The project end date is not valid. OptimizerCannotCreateAnalysis = 29603 Cannot create the portfolio analysis.

AuditingInvalidFeatureUid = 31005 Not used. We can query the SharePoint ULS logs to find all entries on all servers with this particular CorrelationUID. ArchiveGlobalProjectFailed = 25016 Cannot save the enterprise global archive. http://fapel.org/project-server/project-server-2007-error-code-26000.php AuditingInvalidStore = 31007 Not used.

Awesome Inc. AuditingBeginVersionFailure = 31009 Not used. Resolution: In this case checking out the document with Office 2010 has resolved the issue, however I need to do further research to see why this was the case - as

EPM2007 - controlling no.

ExchangeSyncFailedToUpdateCacheForUser = 40506 Failed to update the Exchange synchronization cache for the user. GeneralDalInvalidArgumentCountCreatingFilter = 26020 The number of arguments for creating a filter is not valid. Step 2: Now, we have two solutions to resolve this issue for future projects: Solution 1: You can remove the above resources from the Enterprise Project Template Resource sheet and update AdminDuplicateProjectProfessionalMajorVersions = 28034 There are duplicates in the Project Professional major versions.

Note Many of the error codes are general and can have multiple possible causes. CBSASEntityLimitation = 17008 Exceeded the number of entities that Analysis Services can use. CICOCheckedOutInOtherSession = 10103 Checked out in another session. http://fapel.org/project-server/project-server-error-26000.php ProjectNotCheckedoutToUser = 1006 Project not checked out to user.

OptimizerCannotUpdateAnalysis = 29604 Cannot update the portfolio analysis. CustomFieldInvalidMaxValues = 11523 One or more maximum values are not valid. GeneralNumberInvalid = 79 A number is not valid. Recommendation Avoid using option (1) above i.e.

OptimizerInvalidProjectsNumber = 29617 The number of projects is not valid. PlannerCannotDeleteSolution = 28902 The Planner cannot delete the solution. OptimizerCannotCreateMultipleAnalyses = 29608 Cannot create multiple portfolio analyses. CustomFieldNonExistentWeightsTableUID = 11507 The weights table GUID does not exist.

OptimizerCannotUpdateMultiplePrioritizations = 29306 Cannot update multiple driver prioritizations. GeneralActionCanceledBecauseServerEventServiceProblem = 22002 There is a problem in the Project Server Event Service. To process more than 1000 items, use multiple calls, for example, to QueueUpdateProject. OptimizerDepInvalidEntityType = 29001 The entity type is not valid.

CustomFieldInvalidScope = 11503 The custom field scope is not valid. AdminReadArchivedProjectsListFailed = 28019 Failed to read the list of archived projects. ProjectAlreadyExists = 1001 Project already exists. AssignmentAlreadyAssignedToResource = 138 The resource already had the assignment.

If anyone else comes across this issue in the future let me know, as I have a strange feeling that this might be the first and last time this particular issue asked 2 years ago viewed 1274 times active 27 days ago Related 1Error when trying update item options1Creating BI Report in Project Server 20132Project Server 2013 - “An unknown error has OptimizerInvalidForcedStatus = 29702 The forced status is not valid. Eric Schyberg is a Senior EPM Technical Specialist for Pcubed based in the San Francisco Bay area.

CustomFieldSettingsInvalidForOlapMeasure = 11725 The custom field settings are not valid for an OLAP cube measure. See Optimizer.DependencyTypes. InvariantValidationPSIFailed = 40000 Returned by PWA methods if any private methods return ValidationMethodFailed.