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Project Server 2010 Error 26000


DatabaseUndefinedError = 50000 The database is not defined. If possible, try and isolate various parts of the file by selectively deleting groups of tasks until you find a group that has the problem. CustomFieldCannotAddProjectImpactField = 11728 Cannot add a project impact field. OptimizerInvalidConstraintSet = 29724 The constraint set for the Optimizer is not valid. More about the author

Does anybody have any ideas where this problem comes from and how to avoid it? Learning CenterLearning Center Select Category Apps(3) Apps(3) Azure(3) Benefits(10) Calendars(4) Careers(5) Client Success(4) Collaboration(18) Community(14) Configuration(25) Cumulative Updates(6) Database(3) Download(4) Earned Value(4) Event(20) Excel Services(1) FAQ(20) Free Trials(9) Importing Projects(1) In-Person The inconsistency was worrying and hard to troubleshoot. - the SharePoint Config Wizard (SCW) indicated no problems with the farm - projects were saving and checking in fine. LookupTableInvalidParentStructUid = 11081 The GUID for a lookup table parent structure is not valid.

Generalqueuejobfailed (26000)

Just search for "Project Blog News". AdminViewDataWasTampered = 16602 The data has been altered. AuditingVersionNameTooLong = 31008 Not used.

OptimizerCannotDeletePrioritization = 29301 Cannot delete the driver prioritization. AdminViewMaxDisplayedFieldsNumberExceeded = 16603 The display exceeds the maximum number of fields. As everything in the reporting database someway has a custom field connected this will cause the whole database to get rebuilded. CustomFieldInvalidTypeColumnFilledIn = 11704 The custom field type column value is not valid.

Posts ► 2016 (7) ► oktober (2) ► september (1) ► marts (1) ► januar (3) ► 2015 (6) ► juli (2) ► maj (2) ► april (2) ▼ 2014 (38) Project Server 2010 Error Codes General error codes General error code Description NoError = 0; Success = 0 No error, or success. OptimizerCannotChangePrioritizationType = 29311 Cannot change the prioritization type. https://badalratra.wordpress.com/2013/08/18/error-id-9133-or-26000-project-server-2010/ OptimizerInvalidSolutionProjectsSet = 29720 The set of projects in the solution is not valid.

CBSOlapDatabaseSetupFailure = 17007 Setup of the OLAP cube database failed. ProjectTemplateNotFound = 1048 Project template not found. OptimizerCannotCommitSolution = 29721 The CommitOptimizerSolution method cannot commit the solution. CalendarRecurrenceMonthShouldBeNull = 13003 The recurrence month should be null.

Project Server 2010 Error Codes

RestoreSystemSettingsFailure = 25031 Cannot restore the system settings from the archive. http://www.pcubed.com/bulletins/techtips-troubleshooting-project-server-queue-error-messages ProjectCurrencyCodeInvalid = 1049 The currency code is not valid. Generalqueuejobfailed (26000) PlannerProjectEndDateViolatesDependency = 28917 The project end date violates a dependency. Project Server 2013 Rest Api CustomFieldCannotHaveSecondaryUIDorIDForThisEntityType = 11529 The custom field cannot have a secondary GUID or a GUID for this type of entity.

GeneralQueueInvalidTrackingUID = 26002 The tracking GUID for the queue is not valid. http://fapel.org/project-server/project-server-error-code-26000.php CalendarInvalidRecurrencePosition = 13012 The recurrence position is not valid. CustomFieldInvalidName = 11508 The custom field name is not valid. PlannerInvalidLookupTableValueUid = 28102 The lookup table value GUID is not valid.

  • CustomFieldNameAlreadyExists = 11519 The custom field name already exists.
  • CalendarNotFound = 13021 The calendar is not found.
  • Restore all the custom fields.
  • PlannerInvalidHiringType = 28109 The HIRING_TYPE is not valid.
  • CBSASConnectionFailure = 17003 The CBS failed to connect to the Analysis Services server.
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  • Project error codes Project error code Description ProjectGlobalNotFound = 100 Cannot find the enterprise global template.
  • CBSErrorReadingCubeFieldsSettings = 17035 Error reading cube fields settings.

GeneralInvalidOperation = 20011 The operation is not valid. OptimizerCannotCreateAnalysis = 29603 Cannot create the portfolio analysis. If the ProjectWebApp database has a different name then the standard name replace the "use ProjectWebApp" with the name of the database. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ USE [ProjectWebApp] GO /****** Object: StoredProcedure [pub].[MSP_WORKFLOW_ReadEnterpriseProjectTypes] http://fapel.org/project-server/project-server-error-id-26000.php The statement has been terminated..

OptimizerDuplicateForceLookupTableUids = 29693 There are duplicate forced lookup table GUIDs. OptimizerInvalidPlannerData = 29615 The Planner data is not valid for the Optimizer. OptimizerCannotUpdateSolutionProperties = 29715 Cannot update the solution properties.

PublishType='ProjectPublish'' Error='The INSERT statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint "FK_MSP_EpmTaskBaseline_ProjectUID_TaskUID".

PublishType='ProjectPublish'' Error='The INSERT statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint "FK_MSP_EpmTaskBaseline_ProjectUID_TaskUID". This is an error in the current version of Project Server 2013 (SP1, CU1). OptimizerDepInvalidEntityType = 29001 The entity type is not valid. AssignmentDuplicateSpecified = 132 There is a duplicate assignment.

Last modified: March 09, 2015 Applies to: Project Server 2013 In this article This article includes 31 tables. CalendarAlreadyExists = 13022 The calendar already exists. Table 5. http://fapel.org/project-server/project-server-error-26000.php ProjectCannotEditFieldWhenTaskHasNoWorkAssignment = 1059 Cannot edit the field because the task has no work assignment.

CustomFieldCannotChangeBuiltInFields = 11527 Cannot change the Project Server built-in fields, such as Cost Type, State, and RBS. AdminInvalidEntityType = 28028 The entity type is not valid. Keep this list handy as every PWA Queue error is likely to refer to one of these computers. CustomFieldMatchingOnlyAvailableForResources = 11514 Matching custom field is available only for resources.

Privacy statement  © 2016 Microsoft. CalendarInvalidRecurrenceFrequency = 13008 The recurrence frequency is not valid.