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Project Server Error 10103


ExchangeSyncEWSUrlFailed = 40509 The Microsoft Exchange web service URL failed. LookupTableMaskSeparatorTooLong = 11006 The code mask separator has too many characters. Major bug reported by Varun Vasudev and fixed by Varun Vasudev DistributedShell unit tests fail on Windows Couple of unit tests for the DistributedShell fail on Windows - specifically testDSShellWithShellScript and NotificationReminderParentNotSubscribed = 16051 There is no subscription to the parent of the reminder notification. http://fapel.org/project-server/project-server-error-code-10103.php

Your cache administrator is webmaster. PlannerInvalidProjectsSet = 28919 The set of projects is not valid. OptimizerTableIsReadOnly = 29710 The Optimizer table is read-only. GeneralDescTooLong = 20021 The description is too long. https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms508961(v=office.12).aspx

Project Server 2010 Error Codes

The cleanup has a timeout of 20000ms in which the test sometimes cannot do the cleanup completely and gives out an Assertion Failure. AdminInvalidTimePeriodState = 28023 The timeperiod state is not valid. TimelineViewDataDoesNotExist = 42000 Data does not exist for the timeline view in Project Web App. Major test reported by Ming Ma and fixed by Wangda Tan (nodemanager) TestNodeStatusUpdater#testNMRegistration is incorrect in test case This test case passes.

LookupTableMaskSeparatorInvalid = 11008 A code mask separator character is not valid. OptimizerInvalidProjectImpactValue = 29400 The project impact value is not valid. RestoreCustomFieldsFailure = 25027 Cannot restore the custom fields from the archive. GeneralQueueOperationInProcess = 29 Generic error for an operation still being processed in the queue.

RestoreGlobalProjectFailure = 25028 Cannot restore the enterprise global template from the archive. Project Server 2013 Rest Api Status report error codesStatus report error codeDescriptionStatusReportsUnknownError = 12100Unknown error in StatusReports.StatusReportsPeriodUnmatched = 12101Cannot match the status report period.StatusReportsPeriodUnavailable = 12102The status report period is unavailable.StatusReportsInvalidFormInput = 12103Invalid input in status LookupTableInvalidDescriptionLength = 11063 The description length of a lookup table item is not valid. OptimizerCannotUpdateMultipleDependencies = 29011 Cannot update multiple dependencies.

GeneralCostInvalid = 70 A cost parameter is not valid. GeneralCategoryPermissionDenied = 20022 The category permission is denied. LookupTableItemContainsSeparator = 11051 The lookup table item contains a separator character. CustomFieldCodeValueIsNotLeafNode = 11707 The code value is not a leaf node of the lookup table.

  1. LookupTableFilterInvalid = 11079 The lookup table filter is not valid.
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  3. PlannerInvalidCustomFieldUid = 28003 The GUID for a custom field is not valid.
  4. OptimizerTooManyProjectsInAnalysis = 29620 There are too many projects in the analysis.

Project Server 2013 Rest Api

CalendarInvalidCalendarName = 13028 The calendar name is not valid. http://www.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg21612322 The error is: "An error occurred while communicating with the server. Project Server 2010 Error Codes For a way to get more information, see CheckOutResources. All error codes in Table 16 are for the Optimizer, which is a component used in project portfolio analysis.

ExchangeSyncCouldNotGetRootFolder = 40503 Could not get the root folder. my review here if you put any script commands, they will be executed in the browser of the user who is opening the page. Any suggestions? ProjectTemplateNotFound = 1048 Project template not found.

ie. The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down. Major test reported by Zhijie Shen and fixed by Zhijie Shen TestRMContainerAllocator fails ocassionally MAPREDUCE-5832. http://fapel.org/project-server/project-server-error.php Check connectivity with your administrator to determine whether further action is necessary".

OptimizerInvalidForceInLookupTableUid = 29691 The lookup table GUID cannot be forced in. ExchangeSyncFailedToUpdateCacheForUser = 40506 Failed to update the Exchange synchronization cache for the user. CBSDsoNotInstalled = 17002 The CBS needs the Decision Support Objects (DSO) component installed for Analysis Services.

AssignmentUidInvalid = 133 The assignment GUID is not valid.

YARN-1701. CalendarRecurrenceDaysShouldNotBeNull = 13007 The recurrence days should not be null. OptimizerCannotCalculateDriverPriorities = 29304 Cannot calculate driver priorities. After being in service nearly 2 years, jsut 2 weeks ago this server suddenly began using excessivly high amounts of memory for the dns.exe process...

OptimizerInvalidSolutionUid = 29512 The solution GUID for the Optimizer is not valid. C# Copy using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Text; using System.Web.Services.Protocols; using System.Windows.Forms; using PSLibrary = Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.Library; . . . Check in and check out error codes Check in - check out error code Description CICOCheckedOutToOtherUser = 10100 Checked out to another user. navigate to this website CustomFieldNameAlreadyExists = 11519 The custom field name already exists.

CBSOlapProcessingFailure = 17004 The OLAP cube processing failed. GeneralInvalidValue = 11 Request value not valid; for example, a GUID specified as 0. Timesheet error codesTimesheet error codeDescriptionTimesheetMaxHourPerDayExceeded = 3201Exceeded maximum hours per day for timesheet.TimesheetHoursPerTSLimitExceeded = 3202Exceeded the limit for number of hours in a timesheet.TimesheetUnverifiedTSLineNotAllowed = 3203An unverified timesheet line is not We have run into an issue where a user is updating their tasks in My Tasks on PWA and the webpart expands to larger than the original web browser size.  The

CICOCheckedOutInOtherSession = 10103 Checked out in another session. The closest PDP I see among the available ones are Project Detail PDP. Major bug reported by Jian He and fixed by Jian He TestAMRestart and TestNodeHealthService failing sometimes on Windows TestNodeHealthService failures: testNodeHealthScript(org.apache.hadoop.yarn.server.nodemanager.TestNodeHealthService) Time elapsed: 1.405 sec <<< ERROR!