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Project Server Error Code 26000


PlannerProjectNotInParentSolution = 28910 The project is not in the parent solution. OptimizerInvalidViewUid = 29513 The view GUID for the Optimizer is not valid. CustomFieldScopesMustBeIdentical = 11504 The scopes must be identical. Rules Web service error codesRule error codeDescriptionRulesNameTooLong = 21001The name of the approval rule is too long.RulesDescriptionTooLong = 21002The rule description is too long.RulesInvalidRuleType = 21003Invalid rule type.RulesInvalidConditionType = 21004Invalid condition http://fapel.org/project-server/project-server-2007-error-code-26000.php

See this if that does not resolve, then this one is worth checking: Are the workflow services functioning / enabled? CustomFieldCannotHaveRequiredFlagWhenWorkflowControlledFlagIsSet = 11740 The custom field cannot be required when it is controlled by a workflow. GeneralInvalidOperation = 20011 The operation is not valid. See the Entities property.

Project Server 2010 Error Codes

GeneralQueueInvalidMessageType = 26006 The queue message type is not valid. LookupTableMustHaveValuesForPrimaryLCIDorJustOneValue = 11061 The lookup table must have values for the primary locale identifier (language ID), or just one value. Table 1 lists the functional areas for Project Server error codes, with the general number ranges. Previous posts have included Symantec, QuantumShift, and Fair Isaac Corp. ‹ Previous article Insight bulletins by year Insight Bulletins 2016 #78: Staying on Track› #77: Maintaining Focus on the Fundamentals› Insight

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  • ArchiveCategoriesFailure = 25024 Cannot read the security categories archive.
  • AdminDeleteArchivedProjectsFailed = 25004 The delete operation for archived projects failed.
  • OptimizerCannotUpdateDriver = 29403 The project driver cannot be updated.
  • CustomFieldNewPerRequestLimitExcedeed = 11721 Exceeded request limit for new custom fields.
  • ProjectCurrencyCodeInvalid = 1049 The currency code is not valid.
  • ProjectCannotReplaceResourceWithSelf = 1106 Cannot replace resource with same object.
  • CustomFieldFormulaFieldCannotBeWorkflowControlled = 11719 The formula field cannot be controlled by a workflow.
  • ActiveCacheQueueJobAlreadyStarted = 12007 The queue job is already started.

CBSRequestInvalidArguments = 17009 One or more arguments in the CBS request are not valid. Your Answer draft saved draft discarded Sign up or log in Sign up using Google Sign up using Facebook Sign up using Email and Password Post as a guest Name Project error codes Project error code Description ProjectGlobalNotFound = 100 Cannot find the enterprise global template. Error codes in Table 14 include items for project detail pages (PDPs), Exchange synchronization, the Project Web App timeline, and database errors.

I assume this was a task in a construction schedule. GeneralCostInvalid = 70 A cost parameter is not valid. CustomFieldInvalidScope = 11503 The custom field scope is not valid. https://badalratra.wordpress.com/2013/08/18/error-id-9133-or-26000-project-server-2010/ ProjectCannotEditCostResource = 1050 Cannot edit cost resource.

CustomFieldCannotSetValueOnFormulaFields = 11720 Cannot set value on formula fields. LookupTableSortOrderIndexInvalid = 11054 The lookup table sort order index is not valid. What About Value?› #62: Cultivating Change with Less Risk› #61: Going Global With Big Ideas› #60: Navigating the Twists and Turns of Disruption› #59: These are the voyages...New Models & Global How do I replace and (&&) in a for loop?

Generalqueuejobfailed (26000)

OptimizerInvalidAnalysisUid = 29505 The analysis GUID is not valid. http://www.mpug.com/forums/topic/project-publish-failure-error-23000/ Hope this Helps, share|improve this answer edited Sep 27 at 4:47 Aakash Morya 3,3843626 answered Jan 14 at 16:08 user2522048 1 add a comment| Your Answer draft saved draft discarded Project Server 2010 Error Codes LookupTableSortOrderMustComeAfterParentSortOrder = 11057 The sort order must come after the parent sort order. Project Server 2013 Rest Api See fig below.

CustomFieldCannotModifyDepartmentUidOnBuiltinFields = 11732 The department GUID cannot be modified on built-in custom fields. http://fapel.org/project-server/project-server-error-26000.php GeneralInvalidValue = 11 Request value not valid; for example, a GUID specified as 0. CustomFieldFormulaContainsErrors = 11744 The custom field formula contains one or more errors. ProjectDetailPagesFailedToLoadProjectInWorker = 32003 The worker failed to load.

CustomFieldRolldownInvalidOnFormulaFields = 11717 A roll down cannot occur on a formula custom field. NotificationReminderChildNotFound = 16054 Child of the reminder notification is not found. OptimizerCannotLoadOptimizationEngine = 29508 The Optimizer calculation engine cannot be loaded. click site OptimizerDepInvalidEntityType = 29001 The entity type is not valid.

CalendarInvalidRecurrenceDays = 13010 The recurrence days are not valid. See Planner.ConstraintType. PlannerInvalidSolutionForConstraint = 28113 The Planner solution is not valid for the constraint.

PlannerInvalidSolutionForScheduling = 28115 The Planner solution is not valid for scheduling because there are circular dependencies.

CustomFieldCodeValueDoesNotMatchLookupTable = 11706 The code value does not match the lookup table. OptimizerCannotCommitSolution = 29721 The CommitOptimizerSolution method cannot commit the solution. ProjectExceededItemsLimit = 1054 Exceeded the limit of items to process. ArchiveProjectFailed = 25002 Cannot save the project archive.

OptimizerDepDuplicateDependentProjects = 29004 There are duplicate projects in the OptimizerDependencyDataSet.OptimizerDependencyDetailsDataTable. GeneralQueueInvalidGroupState = 26008 The group state in the queue is not valid. CustomFieldInvalidDefault = 11510 The default value for the custom field is not valid. http://fapel.org/project-server/project-server-error-id-26000.php ExchangeSyncExchangeSubscriptionUpdateForUserFailed = 40511 Failed to update the Exchange subscription for the user.

Names must be unique. Internal use. OptimizerInvalidConstraintSet = 29724 The constraint set for the Optimizer is not valid. OptimizerInvalidEntityType = 29501 The entity type is not valid for the Optimizer.