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Project Server Error Code 42

ActiveCacheGeneralSQLException = 12016 There is a general SQL error. AuditingInvalidStoreForSelectedFeature = 31006 Not used. CBSAttemptToOverwrite = 17013 Cannot overwrite data in the cube. CustomFieldRequiredValueNotProvided = 11713 A required custom field value is not provided. http://fapel.org/project-server/project-server-error-code-10103.php

OptimizerCannotUpdateAnalysisMetrics = 29725 Cannot update the analysis metrics. I've gone through this before, but don't have thetime to replicate, so my instructions may not be perfect...First off, you can't use 2003 account informaiton since 2003 used aproprietary authentication scheme First I get error message for error code 42 and as soon as I click ok ..i get below error message.I checked my DB and app server memory and all they These are both clean 2007 installs, using WindowsAuthentication.

AdminViewCannotCopyDefaultView = 16605 Cannot copy the default view. CalendarInvalidUniqueIdToDuplicate = 13038 The GUID is not valid to duplicate a calendar. With that said, first, I would use PWA and go to "Server Settings" and "Manage Users" and make sure that the authentication you have selected is Windows. OptimizerCannotCreateDriver = 29402 The project driver cannot be created.

  1. AssignmentCannotEditSummaryTask = 135 A summary task cannot be edited for assignments.
  2. ProjectExceededLWPTaskLimit = 1052 Exceeded the task limit for a project proposal (a lightweight project).
  3. PlannerInvalidAnalysisUid = 28116 The ANALYSIS_UID is not valid.
  4. CalendarInvalidRecurrenceType = 13009 The recurrence type is not valid.

AssignmentAlreadyAssignedToResource = 138 The resource already had the assignment. Do not use a null or empty string. CustomFieldCannotHaveBothFormulaAndMultilineText = 11734 A custom field cannot include both a formula and multiline text. ExchangeSyncSubscriptionUpdateFailed = 40508 Failed to update the Exchange synchronization subscription.

OptimizerNonNormalizedWeights = 29201 WEIGHT values in the AnalysisDataSet.AnalysisPriorityDataDataTable are not normalized. This is agood site that will tell you what RTM and SP1 versions should be.http://blogs.msdn.com/shaden/Looks as though I need to push out SP1 again. OptimizerAnalysisFilterInvalid = 29509 The analysis filter is not valid. Please retry saving the project.

MHS70 2008-01-16 19:27:06 UTC PermalinkRaw Message I'm having the same problem.  Did you find a solution yet?Post by AngieI just loaded both the Windows Sharepoint Services 3.0 SP1 and 2007 MS Two otherusers, one with only admin and another with PM, have the same problem.Everything is correct in the MSProjectPro side with the account and URL.We're able to connect and operate everything While you're there, make sure the bare minimum are"allow"ed, such as "Log on to Project Server from ProjectProfessional", and "Open Project", etc.Then, on the client end of things, go to Start->Programs->MicrosoftOffice->Microsoft PlannerInvalidAnalysisDuration = 28011 The DURATION is not valid for portfolio analysis.

GeneralDurationOrWorkFormatInvalid = 513 The work duration or format is not valid. LookupTableInvalidCookieLength = 11060 The cookie length for a lookup table is not valid. after a while you will see the commonality.... Planner error codes (project portfolio analysis) Planner error code Description PlannerSolutionMessageDeleteFailed = 28000 Queue error: the message to delete the planner solution failed.

Table 1. my review here We have another installation that works fine, andthis is a new install. anyone?//MasjfalPost by DulePlease help. ExchangeSyncCouldNotGetRootFolder = 40503 Could not get the root folder.

Occurs when using the UpdateResources method if there is an entry in the ResourceDataSet.CalendarExceptions table, but no BaseCalendarUniqueId for that resource in the Resources table. ProjectHasNoWriteLock = 1042 The project does not have a write lock. I was restarting Queue serives but project pro was not responding et all specially while opening any of the projects. click site RestoreGlobalProjectFailure = 25028 Cannot restore the enterprise global template from the archive.

Project Server error code:42 From: MHS70 Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2008 11:27:06 -0800 PST Newsgroups: microsoft.public.project.server On Jan 16, 11:25 am, wildo wrote: > I'm having the same problem.  Did you Two otherusers, one with only admin and another with PM, have the same problem.Everything is correct in the MSProjectPro side with the account and URL.We're able to connect and operate everything CustomFieldInvalidEntityUID = 11505 The custom field entity GUID is not valid.

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The limit is NEW_CF_PER_REQUEST_LIMIT in one request.CustomFieldNameIsReservedName = 11722A custom field name cannot be a reserved name.CustomFieldNameInvalidForOlapMeasure = 11723The custom field name is invalid for an OLAP cube measure.CustomFieldNameInvalidForOlapDimension = 11724The Microsoft Customer Support Microsoft Community Forums Dev Center Explore Why Office? Can the post SP1 hotfixresolve the problem? Table 12.

CustomFieldSettingsInvalidForOlapMeasure = 11725 The custom field settings are not valid for an OLAP cube measure. I'm an administrator (actually have given myself allgroups), and have not changed anything in security anywhere. OptimizerCannotAddPrioritizationToCFAnalysis = 29709 The Optimizer cannot add a prioritization to a custom field for the analysis. navigate to this website GeneralDependencyUidInvalid = 78 The dependency GUID is not valid.

LookupTableDuplicateName = 11068 Lookup table names must be unique. ProjectCannotReplaceResourceWithSelf = 1106 Cannot replace resource with same object. Project Server error code:42 (too old to reply) Angie 2008-01-15 23:32:00 UTC PermalinkRaw Message I just loaded both the Windows Sharepoint Services 3.0 SP1 and 2007 MS OfficeServers SP1 (Project Server) StatusingInsufficientAssignmentRights = 3131SetAssignmentWorkData cannot update an assignment because the user does not have permission.Table 23.

I have imported two test projects and all is working fine. GeneralQueueInvalidTrackingUID = 26002 The tracking GUID for the queue is not valid. at System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection.GetOpenConnection(String method) at System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection.ValidateConnectionForExecute(String method, SqlCommand command) at System.Data.SqlClient.SqlCommand.ValidateCommand(String method, Boolean async) at System.Data.SqlClient.SqlCommand.InternalExecuteNonQuery(DbAsyncResult result, String methodName, Boolean sendToPipe) at System.Data.SqlClient.SqlCommand.ExecuteNonQuery() at Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.DataAccessLayer.DAL.SubDal.ExecuteStoredProcedureReturnVal(String storedProcedureName, SqlParameter[] Is this a permissions issue?

AdminUserAccountNameNull = 28021 The user account name is null. CBSCustomFieldCannotBeAddedAsDimension = 17014 The custom field cannot be a cube dimension. GeneralQueueInvalidRendezvousUID = 26017 The queue rendezvous GUID is not valid. AdminInvalidProjectProfessionalVersion = 28032 The Project Professional version is not valid.

CustomFieldIDAlreadyExists = 11518 The custom field identification number already exists. Thanks.Post by CharHi Wildo,I'm working on this issue right now with Microsoft. We have a Project manager who now gets the following messages when closing a project: An exception occurred in the Project server. Admin Web service error codesAdmin error codeDescriptionAdminViewNameAlreadyExists = 16600The view name already exists.

ProjectCheckedoutToOtherUser = 1002 The project is checked out to another user. Make sure the URL is correct.I'll be glad to give you further instructions, but it may not benecessary at this stage. GeneralStartDateGTorEQFinishDate = 26 The specified date range is not valid. Won't I lose my data if I createnew databases?

OptimizerInvalidConstraintPosition = 29716 The constraint position in the Optimizer is not valid. AdminGlobalCheckedOut = 28025 The enterprise global template is already checked out during the call to SetServerCurrency.