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Project Server Error Id 17003


Error: ActiveX component can't create object 84b64eb8-bf47-4ca1-91dd-9bad8a629b16 Which goes on and on… Also, I'm running Win2008. CalendarInvalidRecurrenceType = 13009 The recurrence type is not valid. CustomFieldTypeDoesNotMatchLookupTableMask = 11512 Custom field type does not match lookup table mask. I have a single server implementation of Project Server 2007, SQL Server 2005 and Analysis Services 2005. http://fapel.org/project-server/project-server-error.php

CalendarCannotModifyExceptionsForCalendarBeingDeleted = 13013 The calendar exceptions cannot be modified when a calendar is being deleted. ProjectDetailPagesStrategicImpactRatingRequired = 32000 A strategic impact rating is required for the project detail page. However, yesterday I came in and it was still "processing" at 50%. That is the only place - but the domain account will need the right permissions. read this post here

Project Server 2010 Error Codes

CalendarBadDateValue = 13015 The date is not valid. Hope this helps others, spent hours on this error. GeneralDurationOrWorkFormatInvalid = 513 The work duration or format is not valid. OptimizerDuplicateForceLookupTableUids = 29693 There are duplicate forced lookup table GUIDs.

After this my event log shows error of 7704 & 7682. Error: Errors in the OLAP storage engine: The linked measure group with the ID of 'EPM Timesheet', Name of 'EPM Timesheet' cannot be processed because it contains MG dimension with the thanks to sqlncli_amd64.msi file on the sql server in addition to the project/sharepoint application server. Reply Christoph Muelder says: January 28, 2014 at 8:17 am Hi Brian, just an additional input for your great article: At Error 3 you point out that the service account of

AdMaximumGroupsCountExceeded = 27007 The maximum groups count was exceeded. PlannerInvalidSolutionForConstraint = 28113 The Planner solution is not valid for the constraint. We installed the said patches from the link on our Application server and got our cubes building to success. https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms508961(v=office.12).aspx We are stumped.

Then select My QueuedJobs.Error ID: 17003Error ID: 26000Detailed error below - send it to the administrator for more detailedtroubleshooting.Project Server 2013 Rest Api

A connection could not be made to the data source with the DataSourceID of ‘Project Reporting data source', Name of ‘Project Reporting data source'. this is what i use and the version. Project Server 2010 Error Codes KB956854. Reply Fahiem Rahim says: February 20, 2009 at 6:29 am Pete, Thank you so much for your steps.

CustomFieldMustSpecifyEitherIDorUID = 11700 Must specify the custom field identification number or GUID. my review here ProjectHasReadLock = 1033 Project has a read lock. NotificationReminderChildNotFound = 16054 Child of the reminder notification is not found. RestoreViewsFailed = 25015 Cannot restore the views.

ProjectNameInvalid = 1016 Project name is not valid. Internal use. GeneralInvalidOperation = 20011 The operation is not valid. click site OptimizerCannotCreatePrioritizationUsingInactiveDrivers = 29310 There is an inactive driver specified in the DriverPrioritizationDataSet.DriverRelationsRow.

AdminInvalidCompatibilityMode = 28030 The compatibility mode is not valid. CustomFieldDescriptionExceedsLimit = 11735 The custom field description is too long. CustomFieldFormulaFieldCannotReferenceWorkflowControlledField = 11749 A field in the formula cannot reference a field controlled by a workflow.

Every time I try to run the cube build I get the following error: Failed to build the OLAP cubes.

Archive web service error codes Archive (backup and restore) error code Description ArchiveProjectFailure = 25000 The project archive operation failed. Active cache error codesActive cache error codeDescriptionActiveCacheInvalidDataFormat = 12000The data format is invalid.ActiveCacheUnsupportedDataFormatVersion = 12001The data format version is unsupported.ActiveCacheInvalidQueuedMessageType = 12003The queued message type is invalid.ActiveCacheNullQueuedMessage = 12004The queued message OptimizerInvalidSolutionUid = 29512 The solution GUID for the Optimizer is not valid. The following steps solved a continuous "Your permissions on the server computer do not allow you to administer this Analysis server." error: 1.

ExchangeSyncCouldNotGetRootFolder = 40503 Could not get the root folder. A couple of points here – if you are using an alias for the database server from your Project Server farm then this is the server name passed to AS – However, we did not wish to use this instance of project server, but we wanted to reclaim the OLAP name. http://fapel.org/project-server/project-server-23000-error.php I couldn't find anything in the ULS or Application logs, granted I may not have known really what to look for over that 8 hour time frame.

DatabaseUndefinedError = 50000 The database is not defined. Server: The current operation was cancelled because another operation in the transaction failed. Kind regards, Johan Reply Brian Smith - MSFT says: July 29, 2008 at 12:20 pm Hi Johan, The error is caused by mis-matched versions of components and here is a set Error: Failed to process the Analysis Services database Test2012 on the server.

All the Data Analysis views were visible, so I believe the cube actually built, it just didn't finalize to 100% complete within the queue. Error: --> System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x80040026): Your permissions on the server computer do not allow you to administer this Analysis server. I should also point out that my SQL Server 2012 was sitting on a Windows Server 2012 RC machine – so not a supported scenario currently – but I like to Reply Brian Smith - MSFT says: March 29, 2008 at 2:46 pm Hi Kimberlee, I don't have an answer on this one yet.

Error: The connection string to repository needs to be specified in the 9.0 server properties (see section in msmdsrv.ini file from Analysis Services 9.0). ===== Process Completed ===== [2007/09/25 02:28 ArchiveSystemSettingsFailed = 25010 Cannot save system settings archive. Error: Your permissions on the server computer do not allow you to administer this Analysis server. Error: " />