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Ps2 Disc Read Error Voltage


Load your PS2 without a disc inside and wait until you get to the main menu. You may need a flat head screwdriver to remove the plastic ones. Shipment. Using a small screw-driver (non-magnetic & non-metallic if possible) turn the appropriate screw counter-clockwise two degrees. my review here

And that's it! It may take a while, but you will most likely find the sweet spot where your discs begin to read again. With the PS2 plugged in (power and video) turn it on. As well, hold the PS2 elevated in the horizontal position and make sure it reads while in this position.

Ps2 Slim Only Reads Ps1 Games

If at all possible, use a non-metallic screwdriver, as static electricity can ruin this portion of your PS2 (a $65+ part!)... 11. Screw it in place. You can use a flat head screwdriver or your fingernail to remove the plastic ones. 3.

Sending your machine to Sony 8. These two new strips of tape should still be 1-inch long and should still be as close to the CD hole as possible. When your games work, put everything back together and enjoy! How To Fix Ps2 Disc Reader Cleaning Your LensIf cleaning your disc doesn't work, try cleaning the lens.

wait a full 10 seconds before doing anything else.the tray should now be sticking out of the ps2 as if it is waiting for you to put a disk in it. Ps2 Slim Only Plays Blue Disc Adjusting the Voltage 8. Once all of the above is completed, you can move on to the next step.

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Scotch tape method 5. Ps2 Laser Adjustment Now, the lens can finally be cleaned. You have a Playstation 2 Version 4 or higher: a PS2 with 8 screw covers on the bottom rather than 10. (directions for fixing these models will be available sooner or The silver screw on the RIGHT controls the voltage for the DVD reading.

  1. Please do not post it again.
  2. One of them and adjusts the CD voltage and one of them adjusts the DVD voltage.
  3. Four short and two long. 4.
  4. Plug the power into the ps2 and without touching anything else press the eject button so that the tray slides out.
  5. HPZeta 13.695 προβολές 14:42 easiest ps2 slim disk read fix. - Διάρκεια: 1:52.
  6. Rubbing alcohol (optional).
  7. IMMEDIATELY turn the power OFF and UNPLUG THE PS2.
  8. Place the screws aside, and lift the lens cover.
  9. In every issue of GamePro, they have a one-page section called "Buyers Beware", which is a Q&A section where readers write in if they're having a problem with their games.
  10. Make sure that you have a neat, clean area set aside for taking the PS2 apart.

Ps2 Slim Only Plays Blue Disc

Remember, now that the unit is on its side, the CD voltage control screw is above the DVD control screw. Stand the PS2 on its side (vertically, memory cards at bottom, power button at top) at a slight angle. Ps2 Slim Only Reads Ps1 Games The Lens is now almost accessible. 4. Ps2 Slim Disc Read Error As you might expect, a common problem in previous issues of GamePro has been the PS2's Disc Read Error.

Be wise with your words. http://fapel.org/ps2-disc/ps2-read-disc-error.php It may take a while, but you will most likely find the sweet spot where your discs begin to read again. It may take a while, but you will most likely find the sweet spot where your discs begin to read again. I guess they forgot the screws in these. 5.Now BE VERY CAREFUL not to touch any thing you don't have to. How To Make A Ps2 Read A Disc

Disclaimer 9. The lens should now be clean. 6. Laser radiation and nuclear radiation are tow completely different things.

Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation = Laser

I must be lucky or something because I have one of the first PS2's http://fapel.org/ps2-disc/ps2-disc-read-error-faq.php Rotating the system - 4.4.

If you don't know if your game is a CD or DVD, look on the disc's packaging for either a "DVD-ROM" label (for DVDs) or a "Compact DISC" label (for CDs.) Clean Ps2 Make sure that the expansion bay housing does not come in contact with the curcuit board, as you will be turning it on, and you dont want the metal housing to Ziff Davis IGN AskMen PCMag Offers.com ExtremeTech Geek Toolbox Copyright 1996-2016 Ziff Davis, LLC An IGN Entertainment Games site About Us Advertise Contact Us Press Careers RSS Feeds Support Accessibility Privacy

Remove the screws and the metal cover and expansion bay.

Adjusting Voltage Please be very careful while attempting to adjust voltage, you may risk electric shock. Remove the metal shield covering the circuit board (the shiny one). Remove the screws covers on the very bottom of your playstation 2. Ps2 Disc Not Spinning IF YOUR LASER LENS NEEDS TO BE REALIGNED...

A small box or cup to put screws in wouldn't hurt, either. Don't worry if you don't have the PS2 vertical stand - you really don't need it. The older model PS2's have 4 screw covers, while the newer ones have only 2. useful reference The real laser diode is underneath.

It's a lot easier if you print it out, as well. 1. All that you're basically going to do is remove the upper shell, remove the lens cover, clean the lens, and put everything back together again. The lens cover is located right in the area where the PS2 ejects the tray out, just above the tray. Only adjust the screw for the type of disc you are having problems with.

This is commonly the problem and is extremely quick and easy to do. By taking two 1-inch long pieces of scotch tape and putting them on opposite sides of the CD (as close to the CD hole as possible), the PS2 suddenly has an Try a different trouble discs before re-assembly to make sure you don't need more fine adjustment. It's $80 if you want to fix it now.